Mechanical Power Transmission - Demands high standards of safety, quality and cost efficiancy. We offer a unique range of products to meet today's stringent and ever increasing requirements.

Classic V-belts - Remain the most widely used belt/pulley system around today. They offer a dependable service with a minimum of maintenance in a variety of applications. We offer brands such as Medway, Dunlop, SKF and Pix.

Polyvee Belts - Also known as ribbed belts and are ideally suited for high speed ratio applications that conventional V-belts are not suitable for. They offer a smooth, vibration free performance with is resistant to heat and abrasion. Pulleys to suit are available in both taper and pilot bore.

Timing Belts - These offer the best possible technology for synchronous drives allowing excellent mechanical efficiency, resistance to high and intermittent overloads, together with low fitting tensions. Belts are available in both metric and imperial with different width sizes. Also available are the pulleys to suit in pilot or taper bore.

Roller Chain - Combined with Sprockets are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are manufactured from high quality materials and finished to tight dimensional tolerances. Chain is available in steel and stainless steel. Sprockets are available in taper or pilot bore, metric and imperial options.

General - We also offer a wide range of Couplings, which can be flexible or rigid and are used on a variety of applications. Flexible couplings are used when two shafts are slightly misaligned, they can absorb shock, damp out vibration and reduce noise. They available in both taper and pilot bore options.

Taper Bushes - Along with adaptors are the most convenient and effective way of fixing drive components to a mating shaft. They can be used with all belt pulleys, sprockets, couplings, hubs and adaptors and can form a vital link between shaft and component.