O rings - Produced from a wide selection of elastomeric materials eg; Neoprene, Viton, EPDM, Silicone and Polyurethane. These are the most common types in stock or supplied by us. An O ring serves as a barrier, preventing the leak paths between the sealing surfaces. The most important sealing characteristic of an O ring is it's resistance to compression set or residual deformation.

O ring cord - Available from us by the metre in metric and imperial sizes.

O Ring Kits - We supply kits with different kinds of specifications and materials, in metric and imperial sizes.

Oil Seals - Also known as Rotary Shaft seals as they are also known, are used in a wide range of applications under varied conditions. They provide a economical means of sealing against rotating shafts, preventing system lubricants from leaking and external contamination from entering.

Back up rings - Usually manufactured in vigin PTFE and are available in solid or spiral. They are installed to prevent the extrusion of an elasomeric O ring in it's housing groove under certain operating conditions.

Bonded seals - A rectangular section metal washer, with a trapezoidal shaped ring of vulcanised rubber bonded to the inside. The seal is for use in high pressure environments where copper washers are unsuitable.

Circlips - Developed over 60 years ago, circlips are a cost saving alternative to fastening. Collars on shafts or washer and pin assemblies, they offer the same benefits of a single fastening mechanism by reducing material waste. They are available in internal and external and many other variations.